I am a freelance designer with over 10 years experience in graphic design for paper and screen. My works are compositions of simple geometric forms, color and typography. I try to go beyond the current trends and accurately respond to the given design task.
I like creating layouts and working with text. Currently, I fulfill myself in book projects that I develop comprehensively. I choose the means of expression and materials to match the concept and create a beautiful and fully thought-out object.
My involvement in projects is comprehensive: from concept to execution. I collaborate with paper manufacturers, printing houses, and programmers. My clients include private individuals and institutions.
My work is not limited to two dimensions: I also design objects. For 10 years, I’ve run my own shoemakers’ workshop in Warsaw.

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I design
books: from cover to typesetting
layouts for print and web
logos and visual identities
packaging and objects
experience in graphic design
2010–2012 graphic designer at Homework studio
2012–2016 senior graphic designer at Podpunkt studio
since 2012 freelance work
selected clients
The Karta Center, Jewish Historical Institute, The Witold Pilecki Institute, National Centre for Culture Poland, Telemark Film Production, The Mazovia Institute of Culture, Filmforum, Czarna Owca Publishing House, Polish Infographic Group, The Warsaw Institute of Banking, The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Poland, Lodz Film School, The Institute for Totalitarian Studies, Och!Teatr, DesignByPL
2004–2009 Warsaw Accademy of Fine Arts
2006–2007 Accademia di Brera Milan



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